Creation of a Showcase Site


Showcase Website is a type of website designed primarily to present and promote a business, organization, or individual. It serves as a digital showcase, allowing visitors to discover who you are, what you do, and what you offer. It may include information such as your company history, products or services, achievements, contact information, and more.

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A well-designed website strengthens the credibility of your business. It gives your customers the impression that you are an established and professional company, because you will inspire confidence. A bad image can cause potential customers to lose!

A website allows your business to be visible 24/7. This means customers can access your services or products anytime, anywhere.

A website is a powerful marketing tool. It can be optimized for search engines. In short, it will increase your visibility and attract more potential customers. Today, a "beautiful site" is no longer enough. Indeed, your website must be referenced on search engines. To do this, you need to optimize your site to help gain positions on Google. So you will see increase the traffic of your site. The pages of your site must be designed according to SEO criteria that Google takes into account to position you.

A website offers an easy way for customers to contact you. They may obtain information about your products or services, ask questions, or even make purchases directly on the site. A well designed site will allow a good customer experience. The consumer will be able to contact you quickly, have all the necessary information to conclude the purchase.

In today’s business world, not having a website can put you at a disadvantage compared to your competitors who have one.


In short, a professional website is an investment that can generate a significant return for your business. It is therefore crucial to devote time and resources to its design.

The Design

I support you in the choice of the theme or on the general architecture of the site having taken care beforehand to define your desires, your tastes and your graphic charter. Then, I customize your site Showcase by customizing it to your image

Content creation

Content is very important if you want to make your site more visible on search engines. To allow you to create a showcase site optimized for SEO, I accompany you by writing your content.

The coming onligne

The upload will be done in several stages. Initially, I will put vote site visible on search engines then for a few weeks, I will follow the main indicators essential to the proper functioning of the site and SEO: Google Analytics, Search Console, Google Speed...


The creation of your showcase site will require regular maintenance because if a site is not updated, it may not work normally. In addition, version updates usually bring new features and also fix security flaws.


My Website Creation Services

I create tailor-made sites, 100% personalized and customizable to your image. I guarantee you a showcase site quickly on the first page of Google to ensure a development of voting activity.