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Social Media

for Internet users. Brands are one of the many topics addressed by them, whether to give an opinion, positive or negative, or to give feedback, share information ...

In terms of communication and marketing, it is therefore an interesting universe to exploit, which can allow you to improve your reputation, your image and therefore directly impact your turnover and more generally develop your business.

In an ultra-digital world, social media strategy is essential! This is therefore an essential step for your company, small, medium or large!

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By diversifying your company’s presence on social networks, you improve your overall visibility. On the one hand, social networks will help improve your presence on the net and thus develop your SEO on search engines

In addition, social networks are intended to reassure your prospects and establish dialogue between different community members. They allow you to communicate directly with your customers or prospects, to answer their questions or to inform them about your news. But also to share information and your news. Thus, thanks to the users already customers of your brand, you can convey a beautiful image with their comments and remarks on your products.

Your customers will know where to find you. If they are satisfied with your products or services, they will communicate easily on your social networks. They will also be able to quickly access the desired information: contact, after-sales service, new collection, etc.

You want to communicate quickly about a product, an event or a problem. Indeed, thanks to social networks, you have this opportunity to dialogue on vast subjects easily. In addition, with social networks, the dissemination of your information is immediate and the feedback from Internet users will not be long in coming.

Some social networks are intended to promote your business, especially in B2B. You will be able to highlight the company's philosophy while creating cohesion with your employees.

In short, you will understand, you can no longer ignore social networks to develop your business!


Audit SEO

If you already have a presence on social networks, I will analyze your accounts and profiles, your communication efforts and see the main statistics of commitments. I can then submit areas for improvement to maximize your results and explain concrete actions that will achieve your goals.

Developing your social media strategy

This process involves several steps to optimize your presence on social media platforms. As with any marketing strategy, your social media strategy should start with defining your goals. It is essential to understand who your target audience is and what their interests and behaviours are on social media. Not all social media platforms are suitable for every business.

Creation of your social networks

Each social media platform has its own algorithm that determines which content is shown to whom. Understanding these algorithms is crucial to optimizing your content. I accompany you in the creation of pages while respecting the objectives of your company. I also intervene in the optimization of your social media profiles and the image of your company on networks.

Create a publication calendar

Content is king on social media. It is important to plan what type of content you will share, when you will share it and how it supports your goals. You remain autonomous on the content and validate all content before publication. Together, position your company on current trends and boost your performance.

Monitoring and analysis

Monitoring and improving your performance are essential steps to improve your communication strategy. I use analytics tools to track your performance and adjust your strategy accordingly. Competitive analysis is also critical. Knowing what your competitors are doing is always helpful. This can give you ideas for your own strategy.

Differentiate your brand

It’s important to stand out from the competition. What makes your brand unique? How can you communicate this on social media? Creating a strong graphic charter for your social networks is very important. It is important to remain consistent in terms of image while adapting to the selected social networks. Your audience must recognize your company and its color codes before they even know the content