Search Engine Optimization

Organic Ranking

Optimize its website It allows it to be at the top of Google. This is “SEO”, which means Search Engine Optimization. This optimization is achieved through specific keywords.

My mission

For this, I will use a set of techniques: SEO audit, Web writing, technical optimization, link acquisition. They help propel your website to the top of search results on Google. Note that Google leads the global search engine market with 90.63%, followed by Yahoo at 3.25%, Bing at 2.88%, Yandex at 0.45%, Naver at 0.44%, and other search engines at 2.34% (SimilarWeb data).



SEO allows your site to appear in the first search results. And therefore, it increases its visibility. More than 90% of clicks are made on the first page of search results.

SEO allows you to position yourself on strategic keywords related to your activity. As a result, it attracts visitors who are really interested in what you offer.

Among these new visitors, there are probably future customers. Thus, SEO allows you to attract new customers

SEO allows you to differentiate yourself from your competitors. Indeed, it positions you higher in search results

Unlike paid advertising (SEA), SEO results are sustainable. Once you are well positioned, you continue to benefit from visibility without having to pay constantly.

Being well positioned in search results strengthens your reputation. In addition, it improves your brand image

It is therefore clear that SEO is a major asset for any company wishing to strengthen its online presence.


The steps for a good SEO

SEO strategy

The SEO strategy is an action plan that will guide your SEO efforts to achieve your online visibility goals. It must be well planned, executed and constantly revised to adapt to the constant changes in search engine algorithms. The objective of this SEO strategy is to increase search traffic for targeted queries in the shortest possible time.

Audit SEO

The SEO audit is a comprehensive evaluation of your website to identify its strengths and weaknesses in SEO. Once this SEO diagnosis is done, I will be able to assess the level of performance and thus implement the optimization tools.

Keyword research

This keyword study is an essential process that consists in identifying the terms or expressions that users use in search engines. This study helps optimize the content of your website around these terms to improve its positioning in search results. SEO experts, I have tools and knowledge to perform keyword searches to rank you in the best results.

Web writing

Copywriting for SEO, is a discipline of digital marketing that consists in creating content optimized for search engines. I will write content for digital media such as pages, blog articles, ebooks, newsletters, etc. following the rules and subtleties of SEO. The goal is to boost the traffic of your site.

Acquisition of links (backlinks)

The acquisition of links is an essential practice to improve the visibility of a website on search engines. This SEO practice involves getting hyperlinks to your site from other websites. Backlinks are considered a vote of confidence from other sites and specialized directories.

Local SEO strategy

The local SEO strategy is an action plan that aims to improve the visibility of a company or a website in geolocated search results. I will implement SEO strategies on Google Maps and Google My Business to make your business appear in search results on a specific location.