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Site maintenance

Updating your WordPress website is an essential task to ensure the proper functioning and security of your site. The main missions are the Back up your WordPress site, updates from your passwords for security.Verification of page loading speed is an important step to improve the user experience. In addition, it is important to to update plugins and themes, delete old ones : This ensures that your site uses the latest features and security fixes. 


In the realization of this maintenance service, I also propose to Identify and remove spam : Spam can damage the reputation of your site. In addition, I finds and repairs broken links : Broken links can harm your site’s user experience and SEO. I also monitor weekly the main Google tools to ensure the proper functioning of the site and its traffic

Mettre à jour son site web


Updating your website regularly ensures its security. Indeed, hackers and other web crooks are constantly renewing themselves. Moreover, they are not lacking in inventiveness, to thwart parades, and infiltrate where they can.

Search engine algorithms like Google value up-to-date, secure and fast sites. Thus, outdated content, broken links and security issues can lead to a fall in rankings

A website is a powerful marketing tool. It can be optimized for search engines. Therefore, it increases your visibility and attracts more potential customers. Today, a "beautiful site" is no longer enough, your website must be referenced on search engines. To do this, you need to optimize your site to help gain positions on Google. So you will see increase the traffic of your site. The pages of your site must be designed according to SEO criteria that Google takes into account to position you.

If your site offers interesting content, regularly improved and added, not only will your visitors return, but also, by effect of virality, it is likely that you acquire new visitors.

The updates allow the site to remain compatible with technological developments. Such as updates to operating systems or browsers, ensuring consistent compatibility


Do not forget that the maintenance and updates of a website are essential for its sustainability, its proper functioning. In addition, it offers a high-quality user experience.


I realize this essential part of the maintenance of your site. Indeed, it is carried out in order to ensure its proper functioning, to optimize it or to correct some of its features in the theme, plugins...


You need to make sure your website is functional to ensure total customer satisfaction. Moreover, your hosting package does not include maintenance and you must ensure the resolution of technical problems. Therefore, surround yourself with professionals to deal with possible problems that could destroy your business.

A tailor-made service

the benefits of regularly updating a website

- Improvement of Natural Referencing (SEO)

- Increased interest from prospects

- Increase in turnover

- Customer loyalty

- Maintain site performance:

- Sécurity

- Adapting to technological developments

- Improved user experience

- Credibility and Professionalism