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Creating or redesigning a website

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Creating a website means your business doesn’t have an online presence yet. Therefore, we will build a website from scratch, but redesigning a website is about renovating your current website. Even if the design, text content, images are changed, as long as you already have an online website, we consider this a redesign. Otherwise, it is a creation.

Web design expert, I mainly work on custom website projects with WordPress (that is, a fully custom website). In addition, I can create a custom website from an existing template if you are constrained by time or budget. The websites I design belong to you entirely. They are exclusively professional websites (my clients are companies).

Your website is a marketing tool that your company uses to promote its services or sell its products. Each design phase is therefore planned to achieve this goal.

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A well-designed website strengthens the credibility of your business. It gives your customers the impression that you are an established and professional company, because you will inspire confidence. A bad image can cause potential customers to lose!

A website allows your business to be visible 24/7. This means customers can access your services or products anytime, anywhere.

A website is a powerful marketing tool. It can be optimized for search engines. In short, it will increase your visibility and attract more potential customers. Today, a "beautiful site" is no longer enough. Indeed, your website must be referenced on search engines. To do this, you need to optimize your site to help gain positions on Google. So you will see increase the traffic of your site. The pages of your site must be designed according to SEO criteria that Google takes into account to position you.

A website offers an easy way for customers to contact you. They may obtain information about your products or services, ask questions, or even make purchases directly on the site. A well designed site will allow a good customer experience. The consumer will be able to contact you quickly, have all the necessary information to conclude the purchase.

In today’s business world, not having a website can put you at a disadvantage compared to your competitors who have one.

In short, a professional website is an investment that can generate a significant return for your business. It is therefore crucial to devote time and resources to its design.


Whether you already have an experience with a previous site or it is a first creation, we will study together your needs, depending on your industry and budget.

From the choice of the domain name and the host to the online, through the choice of the theme and the architecture of the site, I accompany you throughout the process of creating your site.


Redesign a website

Is your current site outdated or no longer meeting your needs? We will evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of your site, as well as those of your competitors, in order to establish a strategy that will allow your website to stand out. 

I am used to taking over projects and making sure that nothing is lost (content, images, Google positioning, etc.). Whether you want to keep some elements of your website or start from scratch, I will be there to guide you so that you make the best choices.


Your showcase site must represent your business, your organization, product or service offering… It is above all a work tool and like any work tool, everyone in the company must appropriate it! Your «Showcase Site» must include your story, the presentation of your company and why the customer must YOU choose over your competitor.

We support you in your project by bringing you our expertise and by offering you the solutions best suited to your activity and your budget for the creation of your website.


You create an online store to support your in-store activity or to develop a new business. But you don’t know where to start!… There are many steps and steps to take. The choices are important and will have consequences on your business activity: domain name, host, SEO, payment methods, sales conditions, etc.

Services Plus

Content writing

If writing web content is not your strong suit or the person in charge of your website is running out of time, we’re here to help.

I can create a website that reflects your image, both visually and textually, thanks to our team of writers and translators.

Je peux soit prendre en main la rédaction de tout votre contenu, soit vous fournir des conseils de rédaction pour vous aider à suivre une Editorial line consistent.

By using our agency to create or redesign your website, you will also benefit from the expertise of our SEO team. Our experts will explain how to optimize your content to increase traffic to your website. Do not hesitate to contact us today to be put in touch with an SEO specialist.

In short, writing your content by offering regular news, new services and products is essential to improve the user experience and increase traffic to your site.

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Web Support and Maintenance

Website support and maintenance are essential services to ensure the smooth running and continuous updating of your website. 

Website Support is a service that helps resolve technical issues you might encounter with your website. This may include functionality issues, site errors, compatibility issues with different browsers or devices, and more. I can help you resolve these issues quickly to minimize any negative impact on the user experience.

Website Maintenance includes regular updates to site content, site security checks, updates to plugins and themes, site performance optimization, and more. It’s an ongoing process that helps keep your website up to date, secure, and working optimally.

In short, website maintenance is crucial to ensure the performance, security of your website

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