Communiquer sur sa création d'entreprise

Undertake your activity serenely: communication

You have a project of business creation and you don't know where to start?

In addition to the administrative procedures of any good entrepreneur that will take you a lot of time, you will also have to think about the part Communication.

You are about to take the step of setting up a business and you can no longer count your hours of reflection: how am I going to do it? who are my potential customers? do i need capital? who can help me ?

Don't worry, so far so good, that's normal!

The term Communication brings together several axes for which it is impossible to ignore!

Your family and loved ones!

And yes ... the influence of family and relationships is very important. As a future entrepreneur, you must havehave awareness that your daily life will be "slightly" shaken! It is in your best interest to present your project well so that your loved ones follow you and encourage you in your efforts. This is where the good communication intervenes in

Your loved ones may not understand all of your future plans, but they can nevertheless judge your motivation and the work already accomplished. So do not neglect the aesthetic aspect of your future Business: logo, graphic charter ... This will help your family and your relationships to better project themselves in your project.

Banks !

You may be one of those lucky people who have an appointment with the banks to raise funds ... You cannot therefore arrive in the office of the financial adviser with your hands in your pockets.

The file will have to be well put together with concrete things, a complete frame of your project and forecast assessments of a rare precision ... and for that, a adapted communication will highlight the content of your support: choice of support, market research, strategic and operational marketing…

Social Media !

Friends are always proud of you and your bank trusts you! So it's time to announce your arrival on the web and in the markets ... and create a buzz.

After creating all the accounts on all social networks, you're off to the puzzle of "what can I publish!".

To publish, you have to be inspired at the editorial level but also in creativity. The 2 being linked.

Communicate simply, visually and honestly

Your showcase site or e-shop

You are now working on your website. Consider putting your site up for maintenance with good visual communication on the home page, specifying the opening date. Find a catchy catchphrase to show the internet user that you really don't know how he used to live before, without you!

Communication therefore has a very important role in the implementation of your entrepreneurial and business creation project. It is essential but unfortunately never sufficient…

Undertake your activity serenely: communication

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